Worst thing that has ever happened to your team?

What are some of the worst things that have ever happened to your team during a competition?

I’ll start: During states, my partner and I were doing skills, and then the cortex motor started smoking (1 motor stalled and the other one (flywheel) was turning against the stalled one). (stupid cortex) Started the fire alarm in the middle of qualification matches, The entire venue had to be evacuated and the fire department came (it was raining outside :frowning: ) . Can anyone relate?


Going 1-6 at State in Starstruck, only to figure out the day after it was because of a faulty VexNet key. Really, I wish I could have seen something as crazy as the fire department coming over.


cortex is pretty terrible. tbh. We lost our finals match (in our division) at worlds cause one of the stupid wires connected to the brain got twisted and our right wheels couldn’t move smh. we’re definitely switching to v5.


Our sister team got dqed at states for popping a bottom flag out of the socket, which isn’t really a dq. This threw out the whole seedings cuz they would have been 2nd seed, and then first seed would have dropped to like 5th seed.

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back in my FTC(:fearful:) days during Velocity Vortex I had a cascade and we were fully extended up, approximately 60 inches high and we tipped, but the lift fell onto the field perimeter and it snapped my lift in half. It was a pretty rough day.

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From the summer to January, we put some random motors on our base when we built it and half of them were speed and the other half were strength gearing. So we spent out entire first competition wondering why our base kept burning out.

  1. Last year we had a lift that expanded up really high. Considering we were a first year team, the arm wasn’t braced all that well. In a qualifying match, another robot ran into ours and the entire arm just fell off the bot. It was dragging behind us for the rest of the match. We couldn’t figure out how to put it back on so we were had a chunk of useless metal on top of the robot for the rest of the tournament.
  2. We almost set one girl’s hair on fire so…
  3. All our wires got knocked out of the cortex at states last year and we put them back in wrong, so our robot wasn’t driving correctly for the entire tournament.

(cortex) At states we burned out in qualifs, then after we stopped burning out, in our first elims match, we burned out and got three balls stuck inside of us. NOT PLEASANT. (During TP btw)

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TP, we were a first year team, and because of a late start and incompetence were only able to go to one comp. At that comp, as soon as we entered our first match our flywheel started to just not work. It would spin for about 3 seconds and then stop, motors all worked, they weren’t hot, nobody could find anything wrong with it. Nobody ever did figure that out, and it lost us a scrim for the last spot at the last tournament to qualify for states. That sucked.

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There is a story in my schools robotics team about the year before this year, (the last year using legacy gear) when a cortex caught fire.

Wasn’t during a competition, but during Starstruck, my team and I built a strip gear catapult of sorts to launch stars. After a long day of working, I bent over to check something out on the catapult. The strip gear launched a little early, creating a standoff projectile (with about 20-25 rubber bands on the other end) headed straight for my eye. The standoff hit my eyelid, less than a millimeter away from my eyeball. Any closer, and I would be blind in my right eye. My vision in my right eye was upside down for about 15 minutes, and We couldn’t tell until the bleeding was under control if it had hit my eyeball or my lid. I got very very lucky (and chewed out when I got home). Went to school with a shiner for about a month, and I have a hexagonal scar where it hit me. Moral of the story, always wear your safety glasses kids. Not just at competitions. :joy::joy:


We missed qualifying for Worlds by 1 point at state because both of our alliance teams were whitescreened due to a static charge. We got to U. S. Open though.

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I gave you a :heart: not because I like what happened to you, but because I wish you didn’t have to go through that. :cry:


Edit//: Oh dear me 2 years later😳. Im sorry I didn’t see the last published date.

Middle school, during 8th grade in 2016 Nothing But Net, I turned my robot on before a match to test the system and I accidentally bumped the joystick forward. The robot drove off the table.

High School, at VEX worlds during freshman year during 2017 Starstruck, the 9V fell off our robot and kept dangling in front of our wheels causing extreme drive strain and burnout. The 9V lost me the chance to make it to semi-finals in my division.

Freshman year, I also punctured a screwdriver through my hand while trying to take out a plastic insert from high strength gears.