Worst thing to happen to your team at a competition

Interested to see what will come out of this.

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Good and bad; we went from dead last :joy: to eighth place (of 30 teams) (how, I honestly don’t know but we’re not going to question it) but because were were in dead last, we were not prepared to pick an alliance partner. Because of this, our team was asked by another team and the alliance captain had anxiety because she couldn’t remember which teams we did/didn’t want during our five minutes of scouting and accidentally said yes.

Probably the very worst thing was the final competition before states. My team was ranked second and the first place seed wanted us. We were between the first place team and our sister team. Ultimately, we chose the first place team and moved on to states. However, we were all devastated our sister team couldn’t move on and it was really sad for us because we had both done so well when we were allianced together for qualification matches.


we were doing pretty well. Every match on the competition that we lost was lost because of a DC. Then, in quarterfinals, we were 3rd alliance up against 6th, and we got hecked by another DC. Thanks, V5!


in vex iq i was using black axle griping squares and they became circles at worlds i was mad at myself but it was a product to the crazy gearing and stress i had put on my arm motors this was during next level with the stupid hanging structure


My teams puncher completely fell apart during States.

Lost a match or 2, but they fixed it overnight and ended up becoming the 7th seed.

I was pretty proud because this was their first year of VRC.


My team was fixing our puncher during matches. Half our team was out playing matches (some of which we actually managed to win), while the other half was back in the pits trying to get the puncher working again.

The thing is, this happened at like 3 different competitions. Our puncher just wouldn’t stay together…


They had multi day states?

Yes, Virginia has a two-day states. It is awesome!


Our usb cable broke right after we messed up all of our autonomous programs right before the semifinals so we ended doing the semifinals without an autonomous. We lost.

Virginia has a two day states… Pretty useful for fixing anything before the second day.