Worst thing to happen to your team pre competition

This thread is to be similar to the one from June of 2019 but this will exclusively cover things that happened BEFORE YOUR ROBOT PASSED INSPECTION.

To start off, at the last qualifier in my region, the micro usb port on my team’s brain had somehow become dislodged from the rest of the brain. There was a mandatory firmware update that had been released that morning and we had to borrow an entire brain from another team so that we could compete.


Realized that we had nine motors because the night before we added an extra motor to our roller system…


This was during my first year doing VEX IQ, and we didn’t change out the drive motors after a lot of use, so we were really slow, resulting in our loss of the competition.


We spent 2 weeks doing a complete redesign and then thought it was a good idea to pull an all-nighter before the comp. Long story short our programmer was driving and put one too many cubes in our tray which caused the top cube to fall out the back and crack the screen of the laptop which our programmer was using.




Thats worse than an oof…