Worth it switching to PRO?

Hello forumers,
Sadly my season has come to an end but I want to start getting better at coding to be ready for next year (whatever the game is), and I was wondering is it worth it switching from VEXcode to VEXcode PRO? I know you can do more (?) with pro. Is it worth the switch?
- Henry 344E

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Software engineer perspective:

Switching to a language like C/C++ or python can enable you to do some things that Blocks code won’t let you do easily/cleanly. However, it comes at a cost of having to reset your knowledge somewhat. Unless you’re looking to eek out some small performance, or make a huge leap up into the complexities of things like PROS with okapi, it may not be worth it.

Blocks code has come a long way in its efficiency and capabilities, and the gap between click’n’drop code and hand-written code is a LOT smaller than it was 3 years ago, in my opinion.


If you have been programming in text using VEXcode, then yes, you should move on for next season, however, I would switch to using the VEX VS Code extension rather than VEXcode V5 Pro as that will also allow additional functionality such as version control. If you have been using block programming I would suggest first start using C++ or Python in VEXcode before moving on.


I already use C++ not blocks.

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Alright, thanks for the help! Will definitely try out the vscode extension thing.

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