Worth rebuilding?

Is it worth rebuilding our robot before testing it out in a competition? We plan to implement a pooper and better intakes. Is it worth doing this now, as our upcoming event has been cancelled (the only one in the UK rn)?

test at home… dont wait to test just at a competition. get everything you need at home to practice like you’re at a real competition. a good field setup goes a long way for that


anyways as for your main question i dont recommend full rebuilds tbh. i build in a very modular fashion; i make each system attachable and detachable and make alterations of each and test them in different combinations to see what works best. this method is much more effective than full rebuilds in my experience because it lets you keep the good and replace the bad, whereas in full rebuilds you typically disassemble everything and start from scratch

if you need to change the actual design of the robot (like lift to snail, for instance) a rebuild is definitely warranted

but if you’re just seeking to simply improve upon current designs, refining it with modular approach is the way to go (no one method of design works for every team; your experience may end up being different than mine, but this is my suggestion).


Ok, thanks!
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