Would 3.25" wheels work?

Would using 3.25" wheels be worth it this season? I’m pretty sure it could get over the the 10 point bar. The reason I’m asking is because currently our robot is using 4 HS motors and 4" wheels for the drive. Our robot is 20 pounds (even though it’s already 100% aluminum), and as you can imagine it trips the 4 amp breakers after about 30 seconds of stress. I read that using smaller diameter wheels can lessen the stress on the motors, so will using 3.25" wheels solve our problem?

Don’t use them. Simple.

Which ports are your drive motors plugged into on your cortex?

I can confirm they have no trouble getting over the pipe when pillow blocked under the chassis rails. However on hs, they will be slow.

They are easily the highest quality wheel VEX had made?

I agree, they roll so nice.

I think those wheels should work, our robot uses them, and they make it over the 10 pt bar fairly easily.

@sazrocks the 2 motors on the left are Y cabled and the 2 on the right are Y cabled, and they are plugged into ports 2 and 9 respectively.

Interesting. I don’t know how you are managing to trip the 4 amp breaker then.

@sazrocks I’m actually not 100% sure they are tripping them, I just observed that after about 30 sec of stress the motors either slowed down or stopped working.

Try without the Y cables. Sometimes they can cause a bottle neck that has nothing to do with the PTC. My friends chainbar would just twitch and have a fit when Y cabled, but was fine on separate ports.

Is there anything else running when it “trips”? it could be the lift or something tripping and killing the drive.

@8232X We will try doing it without Y cables. As for the second question, no there was nothing else being powered when we tested it. It was purely the 4 drive motors. Do Y cables always bottleneck like that or only when a motor is pulling a lot of power?

I am not really sure.

all I know is that the Y cable did change what happened on a chainbar that was drawing a fair amount of amps

However, I just remembered that 4 of my drive are Y’d to 2 ports… but I am only at 14ish lbs with 6 “almost turbo” drive

What if we reverted back to torque 393’s? Is high speed really essential for this season?

yes, with having the full field you need the speed

Why not just use the 4 inch wheels? They have no issue going over anything.

Weight, they have a heavy robot. I think you need to lighten up your bot, you should be able to get away with 4 inch high speed fine as long as you use aluminum.