Would a 6 Bar Be Effective In ITZ

Would a 6 Bar Be Effective In ITZ. Building one just want to hear peoples opinions.

Depends on your strategy. If you are going for an internal stacker like most, I wouldn’t use it, as it is not a linear lift (at least by itself). However, if you just want to push around mobile goals and just use a simple lift, go for it. Just note your maximum stacking capabilities will be limited. To be completely honest, No matter your strategy, the ever-reliable DR4B is the way to go.

I would have to answer no. A six bar in this year’s game would make scoring on goals very difficult as the robots distance from the goal but change as the height of the goal increases, making the driving much more difficult. A DR4B is prob the best way to go for this year’s game as it is stable and very tall. A Scissor Lift could be said the same but it is a little less stable

Ok, how high should your lift be able to go just a estimate

That depends on how many cone you want to stack.

Would 40 in height be good or to short


So how high

High as you can get it without compromising speed. To be competitive, you need to be able to get at least 10 cones on a mg. You might want to make it higher though if you want to focus on the stationary goals (don’t do that, though. the stationary goals are a stupid strategy)

Don’t think in terms of robot height. Think in terms of how many cones you want to stack. Then again, the spacing between cones in a stack is 2.75", and that’s without factoring in the mobile goal being carried by the robot.

Agreed. At the very least you need to measure the height of the stack you want and then use that. Generally though it’s best to just always think in cones.

I’ll give you a hint: a tipped mobile goal (tipped over the 20pt zone bar, specifically) can hold 8 cones without having any fall.