Would a canon-style launcher be a viable method of reaching the top goal?

My team and I are currently throwing ideas back and forth with one another, and a promising yet interesting idea appears to be a sort of cannon-action launcher that would thrust the rings up to the top goal in the Tipping Point competition. Is it possible that this method would be viable? We are still working out specifics with our idea.

I doubt it. It’d be very difficult to achieve a consistent trajectory, and virtually impossible under chaotic match conditions.


That’s what I figured, but I wanted to get second thoughts on the idea beforehand.

A catapult could get a consistent trajectory and orientation If built right, but the space required means you cant store rings very well.

I think that a catapult would be more suited for achieving the autonomous winpoint solo.

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i think you havent watched any youtube videos about this years game


very off topic, but that’s okay they’re hype.


viable? probably not
epic? yes
therefore go for it lol


[initiate physics class montage]

I actually have built a catapult for rings this season for fun. It was so inconsistent and never got rings on the high branch but it was epic.

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you can already buy them in the End Game toy.