Would anyone be willing to share a sample code for VEX IQ Highriser and/or Ringmaster?

VEX Newbie here…I am a new Robotics teacher (coming off of a decade of teaching math) and I am using VEX IQ kits coding with Modkit. Some of my students are ready for the “next step” and I can’t seem to find anything online that is what I’m looking for. I like to give the kids a “sample code” of some of what they need before they start their challenges. Would anyone be willing to share with me some of their code that they used to make a robot autonomously perform in the Highriser and Ringmaster challenges? I have purchased both kits and would love to save myself many many headaches if someone could provide me something already finished that I can edit to my needs. Thanks so much in advance!

I might have some old programs for Ringmaster, but if so I’d still need to find it. Even then it wasn’t that impressive as it was a fairly basic routine.

It depends massively on robot designs and what the “next level” means in this instance.

If I am unable to find that program I’m talking about, I would be happy to code a few sample programs myself with regards to using the gyro / ultrasonic / light sensors and how that can be transferred to improve their own code, e.g. using gyros for more accurate turns in their programs, if that’s what you mean by “next level”.

That would be fantastic, thank you so much! All I mean by the “next level” is that they have mastered how to use each sensor doing a basic task (ie using the distance sensor to complete a “closest to the bottle” challenge or a color sensor to play “red light green light”), but now a game like these that I have the kits for that are complex and need to have more advanced code to run smoothly in an autonomous format is what I’m really looking for. Thanks so much in advance!

Sounds good, I’ll see what I can do for you.

I’m actually a VIQC competitor myself, and my national championships are literally this weekend so that means I won’t have the time to do that this week, but should be able to get some stuff done next week, if that’s alright.

If I do get time, I’ll see if I can start this week.

I REALLY appreciate it!

Good luck at the tournament!!!

Hi! No pressure at all, but I was just wondering if you had a chance to find anything regarding this. Thanks so much again!

There might be some helpful information in some of these:

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Watch through the videos from @calvc01 - I was about to suggest them myself if he hadn’t already. I think they could be pretty useful.

I can still also work on some sample code ideas for other sensors if you want.

Thanks to both of you! I have watched the first three videos already and they were very helpful. The last two were to some degree as well, but I was trying to get them to do this without a control for a full autonomous challenge.