Would it be a viable option to use flex wheels to get over the center bar in over under?

could i use flex wheels to get over the center bar in over under?

Conduct a test! :person_shrugging:

In your engineering notebook, outline the constraints of your test, why you are doing the test… and then do it. No matter the results of your test, record it in your engineering notebook. This is part of the engineering and design process. :+1:


Do you mean, it it legal? Per the game manual, all parts on the vexrobotics site that say V5 legal are good to use.

Do you mean, will it work? You’ll need to prototype a design and see. There are alot of design factors to consider, and a variety of mechanisms could be built to help get the bot over the bar.


Welcome to the forums! I assume you mean using flex wheels on your drivetrain to bump up over the barrier, and yes that is a very viable option. Although if built right, Omni wheels can do the same thing. I would also recommend using no more than 1 flex wheel on each side of the drivetrain and making the rest of the drive Omni. If you use 4 or 6 flex wheels on your drivetrain, your robot will stick to the floor like tape. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Welcome to the forum!

I would suggest you identify what problems you are trying to solve with getting over the center bar, think of different solutions, and then what kind of properties each wheel option you have that may be the most viable for your approach. For example, if you plan on jumping over the center bar, then you might want a flex wheels springiness to help you accomplish that.

Serious, without understanding what your robot is designed to do, hard to tell what viability will be of any wheel solution for your design.

Thank you I will run some tests tomorrow and share results


sorry but i was not able to run any test right now but when i can ill share results


Have you got any results yet?