Would it be any issue if I were to convert the CAD files for the kits into Blender and use that to create my CAD models?

I was thinking about converting the available kit CAD files into Blender files because am not a big fan of working in Auto-CAD, Fusion, Maya or Inventor and use that for my designing but I was not sure if that would be ok with the competition

There are not rules regarding what CAD software you can use. You could use pen and paper, SolidWorks, Fusion, or Blender. if you felt like it, you could even CAD in Minecraft (would advise against Minecraft though).


I actually thought about creating my design in Minecraft(MC-Edit, World Height Mod and Extremely Long Render Distances and disabling the vision fog effect, I seriously though about it but then realized all these changes to get a good looking robot design in minecraft is not worth it) at first but then decided Blender is way more appropriate .

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