Would it be more optmal to make an outtake for opposing teams balls

I plan on making an intake that would have a top roller with rubber bands and two side intake rollers that would lead it into the middle of the body where the back would have an outtake that could have a color sensor that would spit out the opposing alliance’s balls instead of having to turn and sit them out through the top and waste time. I was wondering if this would be more efficient or more convenient for my alliance rather then leaving the opposing alliance’s balls in the tower.

It is definitely worth it. Even if you didn’t have it, it’s still worth it to spit the balls out later


It is also very valuable for skills. Also, there are some strategies emerging that involve leaving opponents balls in the goals. So that does change things a bit, but it is still very nice to be able to discard the opposing color balls.

Uh I think 10955m would disagree


Outtakes are very effective when they are automatic using an optical/vision sensor, even without a sensor, manual control of outtakes are easy to learn with practice.