would it illegal if small part of the robot sticks out of the field?

for example/in my case, when the robot is hanging, either intentionally or unintentionally, a small section of the robot exits the playing field(and stays out of the field for the rest of the match), would i get disqualified?

From past experiences in previous games, it did not disqualify us.

If its apart of your design for hanging then it should be allowed and also make sure your robot won’t turn outside of the field due to weight being higher on one side than the other during the duration your robot is above the side walls

The only rule with regards of going outside the field is:

So as long as your robot is not completely outside the field, it is ok.

The definition of high hanging is what needs careful examination:

The assertion is your robot should not turn outside the field. Presumably, so you meet the above definition of High Hanging. This has implications for designs that will grasp the pole. What happens if the mechanism is thicker than the field perimeter? Do they get the points? I can imagine referees calling it both ways at different events. What if the robot tilts?

Honestly, when they first put out the definition of High Hanging I thought the robot might twist around the pole without violating rule <S2> (your robot must be touching the pole and the pole is inside the perimeter of the field) and could as a high hanging since in my mind the plane just had to be parallel to the tiles and above the top of the field perimeter. However, if the intent of the “formed by the top of the field perimeter” is to make a bounding box that robot must be inside, then you need to make sure no part of your robot is outside the field if you want the points. I am still on the fence about that interpretation, since the word “Completely” applies to being “above the plane parallel to the foam field tiles,”. No mention of having to be within the plane, so <S2> might kick in here.

This may be a good Q&A question for teams to pose if they are concerned about their robot twisting around the pole, or having a mechanism that might extended beyond the field perimeter to hold onto the pole.

I think the language is defining the horizontal plane and not defining any vertical planes. The horizontal planes are infinite and not bound by the boundary of the field walls.

That was my reading of the rules as well. Horizontal plane not square bounded by the field walls. It is a little vaguely worded so someone can feel free to ask Karthik if they would like.

Would it be legal if the Cortex was outside the field, but a small majority is in the field… Because that wouldn’t be ‘completely’ outside the field.

I think at this point the elders are suggesting that clarification of this should be made to Q&A by teams…

Should be legal. As long as the robot isn’t completely outside of the field, driving around, you won’t be called on anything.