Would Like To Purchase HIgh Rise Equipment


I am very new to this “Robotics World.” I have done a lot of things with my classes using K’nex and Rokenbok, and we purchased a set of super-kits and add ons (With the maroon colored pins and gears.

I would like to purchase the challenge materials, but they are not available.

Does anyone know if and when they will be back in the store?

I probable have a boatload of other questions…but I thought that the best place to begin is having all of the parts and materials first.


Hello Rrosenfeld, welcome to the world of VEX IQ!

Unfortunately, during this busy back-to-school season, demand for VEX IQ Challenge products has far exceeded our expectations. We hope to have VEX IQ Challenge Highrise Field & Game Elements back In Stock in a month or so - early November. We apologize for the delay and any complications you may have experienced as a result. For up-to-date information regarding product availability, feel free to contact sales@vex.com or 903-453-0802 during normal business hours.

As for your other questions, feel free to post them in General Discussion subforum! This forum is already full of helpful users who are excited to get you off on the right foot.