Would like to see GDC robots and what they though the game would be like

Not so much a product but a process idea.

I think it would be cool if the GDC gave their thoughts on the current game once it’s done and show off some trial robots they used in testing. Maybe even a video of a trial match to compare to those that make it to Vex Worlds.

Some presentation on factors they thought would be important for the game and what kinds of challenges they wanted students to overcome - besides the obvious ones like get over a hump. Give some reasons why they added limiting rules to prevent X or Y activity, etc. would be cool too.

Does the GDC have predicted average scores to show how awesome robots by the end of the season become?

Just a thought.

Something like the build blitz would be cool for VRC! They could reveal it at the end of worlds, and maybe even use it to show off some of the new parts that were released.


I had this idea in Skyrise. And now I still think it would be cool and exciting. Basically let GDC, maybe just some interns in the company, do a build blitz for the current VRC game and challenge the entire community to compete with those robots at world championship!!! Roarrrr!

So at worlds exciting things would be new game reveal, round robin/finals, new product reveal, AND watching some top level teams going against GDC’s robot in the competition field!!!

World Champions of all VRC Divisions versus GDC’s one month build.

11/10 waiting for this to happen.

If GDC actually does this then I am willing to work around my college finals next year to go to worlds to see this in person!!!

I guess you’ll get to see us compete against the GDC if they did this :smiley:

I would love to see this!!! :D:D:D
I would go to Worlds regardless if my team qualifies or not!

It would be awesome to see GDC bots have a match at the release of the new game every year, to give teams something to base ideas off of and to get a feel for how the game works.

We need to make this happen. Karthik, if you’re reading this…

I was thinking at the end so things like amaze and innovate awards can show just how amazing and beyond the expectations of the game. Showcase just how much some robot designs shattered their expectations.

A nice recap of the game and how amazing the robots at the end really were.

As the size of Vex grows, it could provide a nice video explanation of the game process for all the teams out there in the world.

Or a chance to face palm and say “why didn’t I think of that”? Design convergence abounds and there may have been some other idea that was prototyped by the GDC. And possibly as chance to have GDC folks show they are really so much smarter than the competitors. Maybe.