Would you be able to use a 6 bar for ITZ

Let’s start off here I know a 6 bar probably wouldn’t be the greatest lift for this years challenge. My question is would you be able to use a 6 bar to at least few cones on a mobile goal or would be impossible

It is very possible for a 6 bar to do a few cones on the mobile goal.

It should be possible (anything is if you put your mind to it), however as you mentioned it definitely will not be the best option this year. At least it should be able to stack high.
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Well ok, any idea for a claw and would a X-Drive be good at all?


Yah that what i though

Well for us it worked great. We can do 6 cones on a stationary but during a match we never go above 3. So yes it’s a great place to start.

While a 6-Bar could stack a few cones, one that could stack more than a 4-bar could be prone to tipping, or even exceed the 36-inch limit. The tipping issue could be considerably increased by using an X-Drive, I would definitely advise against using both an X-drive with a 6-bar. If you are thinking about using a 6-Bar for extra support, not height, that is a great idea. I have seen many teams use a 6-bar as part of their DR4B to add some support, and they work pretty well.

Well thanks @RoboTurtleLord

Personally I would advise against an X-drive. Six bars can work in this competition, but I would recommend using a different lift

It is not impossible to use however

No problem!
Was there any specific reason that you needed to use a 6 bar @Juster?

Well our school has two teams an one team is just filled with newbies so I don’t think they have all the experience to build a reverse 4 bar but showing them how to build a 6 bar would be good starting point for them to learn various vex parts, coding and how it is encountering problems and how they can fix.

In that case, a 6 bar would be a great place to start learning about more complex linkages!

Yah that what im thinking but i don’t want them to go competition and come last place but maybe stack few cones so my students be happy not disappointed

We actually used an X drive on our chainbar robot at our first competition. It actually did pretty well. However, they don’t work well if programmed badly. There was another X drive robot there, that either was not built or programmed as well, because the driver had a very hard time controlling the robot.

Ok thanks @Easton if our team is building a X drive I would give them tips and help them on coding

For the first two tournaments I used a 6 bar to a chain bar. We could get up to 8 cones. I scrapped it and build a dr4b with a chain bar, but it was good for the early season

No problem.
One more thing I would add is that X drives are really hard to be good at driving straight during autonomous, unless you have encoders on every wheel (that’s what we’re doing for our late season robot). So that could be a problem. But the huge advantage to X drive’s is they can strafe. At the competition, there was a robot blocking my 10 point zone. So I just strafed around it, which saved me enough time so I could park. We’re also doing the encoder thing on every wheel for a skills run.

another option would be a double chainbar which is what my team has been using with success.