WPI ri3d Reveal End-Game

Here is the reveal for WPI’s ri3d. Built all with V5.

Check out the update videos as well here

Fantastic as always. That flywheel launcher is a great design to get teams thinking about how they could implement a launcher.

Nice robot :slight_smile:

Did you face any difficulties in driving (scoring caps on posts) due to the non-linear nature of the 6-bar?

How is scoring caps if you only expand vertically in the expansion zone with that kind of arm?

So there was some difficulty. But I didnt have any type of alignment mechanism and didn’t want to add one after the 3 days ended. A V to auto align the correct distance would have made it a lot easier.

Here are the specs on the robot.

2 motor 100 RPM running 4 4" omni
1 motor 200 RPM intake
1 motor 100 RPM indexer / flywheel loader
2 motor 200 RPM 15:1 flywheel on 4" wheels
2 motor 100 RPM 1:5 6 bar (that is only run at 50 rpm for controllability)

Is there a reason you chose this ratio rather than 600RPM 5:1?

Probably only because the 600 RPM motor inserts are not available yet.

This seems like a pretty good indicator of the power of the V5 motors. You can’t have both a flywheel and arm of that speed and power without sacrificing drive motors, but with V5 you’re fine.

Why did you guys only choose to have 2 motors on the base considering how VEXU is now allowed to have unlimited amount of V5 motors?

It was designed to be loosely HS legal. Also I only had 8 motors total. Each beta tester got 4 and I borrowed another testers set.

Oh ok that makes sense.
I love the flywheel accuracy and range!
Great Bot!


End Game

What’s next, End|Game? Or rather End_Game? :slight_smile:

A nice robot as always. I am also considering a six-bar for my cap lift mechanism, does the horizontal expansion of the lift cause you to leave the expansion zone?

Uhhhh, I didnt pay that close attention to it. With this robot being 23" long it would have been an issue definitely. If the 6 bar started farther towards the ball intake it would have mattered less.

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t use a slip gear puncher isn’t it more accurate?

Can’t aim it different distances. I did a full functioning puncher prototype as part of the ri3d, you can find it in the progress videos.

Also just wanted to mention it was programmed in PROS for V5. Which has been my goto programming environment with V5. I would reveal the code but I was using an old version of the PROS API and it would be confusing.

well you could - it would be a different technique that would be more complicated than changing flywheel speed. Fixed mechanisms would require repositioning for shot and variable incline would be needed if you wanted to stay in fixed location.

Remember - robots in three days has short development cycle.