Wrist Motion in Dumper Bots

A few days ago, I was reading the forum, and found this:

I think this wrist motion may have the ability to get dumper loads into Far Zone much more often, giving dumpers a big advantage. Is there and evidence to this claim? Discuss!

EDIT: Are there any examples of passive wrist mechanisms? Thanks!

I actually have a dumper bot with wrist motion as of now. Actually, my ‘wrist’ is controlled by a motor, which is probably a horrible idea, as it overcomplicates the design. A passive wrist might do much better.

When you say wrist I think of something like this. I think the advantage is that you can dump from behind you like a normal dumper, or you can dump infront of you by lowering the wrist after its over the fence. I’m also pretty sure you could make a passive lever that hits the fence when you go to dump that allows the forklift to pivot downwards, spilling stars onto the other side. Then when you back up the forklift will go to its normal position (using the fence to make this happen) and stay that way with something like a gate latch.

I think you are trying to reinvent 254A from Clean Sweep: The red robot nearest the camera.