Writing C in Easy C

Is it possible to write using C in the Easy C program? Easy C is just drag and drop.


Please don’t start a new thread for every single question you have. Almost all of these sorts of questions have been answered before. Just use the search feature to find the threads and/or FAQ entries where they were answered already. If you need more info than is found in those existing threads; then please add a question to a similar existing thread instead of starting a new thread.

Also, this question is another one that is answered by the Inventors Guide and the built-in Help info that came with your kit. There is no substitute for studying that material thoroughly before asking questions here. Most folks like to use this forum to ask and discuss the questions that aren’t covered in the Inventors Guide. If you review the purpose of each of the drag and drop blocks in EasyC you will find the answer you need and will become better acquainted with its other built-in features.


You can download the Student Version of Microchip PIC18 C, which allows you to program the Vex Controller without using drag and drop, although you can also look at the code generated by Easy C to learn how to control various Vex motors and read Vex sensors. You will need to download MPLAB IDE to run the PIC18 C compiler.

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