Writing C instead of EasyC

Hello, I wrote a program in EasyC, it works fine, but I don’t like the drag and drop interface. So, after much searching, I found this forum thread. The guy wrote a makefile to convert a .c file to a .hex file. I use the IFI Loader to load that into the microcontroller.

Everything works fine… I have it so the car doesn’t start until a bumper is pressed and that works fine. Now, I also have a optical shaft encoder on one of the axles. I am having trouble getting the value of this shaft encoder.

At the top, where all the other stuff is defined, I added


The #define code for my bumper is


That works fine. The bumper is in port 1 of the Analog/Digital ports.

I have tried the shaft encoder in the Analog/Digital ports as well as the Interrupts. I think its supposed to be in the interrupts, but I don’t know how to do the #define SHAFT_ENCODER for it.

I have it print out the shaft encoder’s value in a while loop and it always prints out 0.

Below is my full C code.

#include "UserAPI.h"
#define RIGHT_MOTOR 	1
#define LEFT_MOTOR		2

// Define IO port configuration - 0 is OUTPUT, 1 is INPUT

void IO_Initialization(void)
	DefineControllerIO ( 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 ) ;

// Symbols for our inputs and outputs.

void setMotorSpeed(int speed, char motor)
	if(motor == RIGHT_MOTOR)
		SetMotor(motor, 127 + speed);
	else if(motor == LEFT_MOTOR)
		SetMotor(motor, 127 - speed);

void main( void )
	int newSpeed = 127;
	int encoderValue = 0;
	int currentTime = 0;
	while(GetDigitalInput(BUMPER_BUTTON) == 1);

	setMotorSpeed(127, RIGHT_MOTOR);
	setMotorSpeed(127, LEFT_MOTOR);
	while(newSpeed > 0)
		encoderValue = GetEncoder(SHAFT_ENCODER); 
		PrintToScreen("Encoder: %d\n", encoderValue); // THIS ALWAYS JUST PRINTS OUT ENCODER: 0
		currentTime = GetTimer(1) / 1000;
		PrintToScreen("TIMER: %d\n", currentTime);
		setMotorSpeed(newSpeed, RIGHT_MOTOR);
		setMotorSpeed(newSpeed, LEFT_MOTOR);
		newSpeed -= 5;
	setMotorSpeed(0, RIGHT_MOTOR);
	setMotorSpeed(0, LEFT_MOTOR);


Nevermind, it worked…