Writing on Images in Notebook

I’m working on my engineering notebook and was wondering about the rules for writing on images. I want to print out my monthly calendars and put them into the notebook but I want to highlight the days we work on the calendar. Is writing on images that are put into the engineering notebook allowed or do I have to draw in the calendar?

A physical notebook should be hand written as much as possible. But I don’t see a problem with writing on images. The only thing I would recommend is not writing on photos, in experience it gets messy quickly.


Generally, images should be not written upon, only signed and dated. There would be no way to tell when annotations, markups were done. As mentioned earlier, handwritten entries and drawings in a bound notebook is a consistent way to go.

There’s a big issue with such a question…
Do everything you can to get as many points as possible, but one thing I will tell you is that notebook judging is extremely subjective. You could have not been a runner up for a regional tournament then find out you got design at states. Judging is extremely grey and even if you have a great notebook, the bias of a judge will always be at play. There is a reason why the judge rulings and winners in wine competitions are extremely inconsistent, because a personal bias is at play. That being said, I do not believe I can give a blanket answer as for highlighting on a printed picture because one judge may think “I like seeing scratchwork and marks and imperfections” while other judges would think “I would rather focus on the neatness and organizations, with as little imperfections as possible,” “I like how this looks, so let me set aside the rubric as this team deserves design regardless of what the rubric says,” or “I will be following the rubric 1:1 and I will mark points off for something that makes me feel like it is not following the rubric.” For something like your question, you would need to understand your “audience.” For now, I would advise trying to reach out to someone that you know is a judge for one of your regional competitions and network, trying to gain knowledge on the type of notebook they prefer, asking what their opinion is on doing what you’re asking in your topic post.