Wrong match number on TM match intro screen

This probably belongs somewhere in the EP forum but I don’t have credentials to post there.

At two different events in the last four days, I have encountered an interesting bug in the latest version of Tournament Manager (2018_19.3.2, released January 23rd). On the audience display match intro screen, the wrong match number is shown, but the correct teams are shown correctly for the currently-queued match. Most often, the match number displayed is the match immediately before the current match in the list (e.g., when match Q20 is queued, the teams for Q20 are shown, but the title of the screen is ‘Qualification 19’). This is even the case if the previous match in the list is a different type to the currently-queued match (at an event last weekend, when SF1 was queued, the match intro screen said “Quarterfinal 4-1”). However, in playing around with an example tournament, I was able to get the match number to be off by more than one. For example, in this screenshot match Q14 is queued, but the title of the match intro screen is “Qualification 1”. Again, the correct teams for Q14 are shown, it’s just the match number that’s wrong.

All other screens that display information about a current match (In-Match, Saved Match Results, etc.) show the corret match number. The Overlay audience display shows the correct match number on all screens, even the match intro screen.

Thanks for reporting this. It’s something that got broken in the latest release.