Wrong Tool For The Wrong Job

This is a place where you can share your worst(or best) use of robotics tools.

For me: A scroll saw for cutting anything ever.

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I tried cutting c channel with a cold saw. It didn’t end well

Also I tried cutting paper with a band saw once

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When I was going to practice I was trying to drive with an xbox controler.

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I used a screwdriver to pick the gunk out from under my nails.


I heard that one time someone used the Vex Forum to start unnecessary conversations which resulted in extra clutter


I heard of this thing called cc/rm that lets a controlled amount of off topic conversations occur.


The category doesn’t control how many of these conversations occur. Humans are fully responsible for that.


Yeah but I meant that by the admins and users telling people to shut up.

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whhhhaaaaaaaat never!

Most of this already goes in cursed images so I don’t see this thread as necessary.

you didnt succeed