X chassis drift

Our x-chassis has been drifting even though the joystick is in the center. We know it is not a hardware issue because we have tried to fix it already but to no avail. Will this work for a deadband? We tried to research it but it is in a coding language we don’t understand.

Thank you!

You appear to be setting only LeftFront to zero, while setting the other 3 motors to 50%


Yeah I noticed that right after so I fixed it.

Write an autonomous that tells all 4 motors to drive at the same velocity in the direction that makes the bot move forward.

If the drift shows up without user input, then you know it is a construction issue. Possibly friction, but likely a drive base that isn’t square.

If the drift is not present in this situation, then it is a user input issue. Deadband is a good idea either way.


Ok we have already tried the drive forward in auton. We have not been able to find a way to code deadband in block because none of our coders no how to code in anything else.