X-Drive Ball problem

My team just recently finished building our X-Drive and we noticed that the Change up ball will not fit between the X-drive. We tried to space it out as much as possible and it still won’t fit, because the motors are in the way. Is there any way to fix this without rebuilding it or do we need to build an H-Drive?

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Have the ball go over the chassis with a ramp and you could even try to lower your chassis to increase efficency


If you go full 17.5 in wide it will fit even with 4in wheels.

How does a lower chassis increase efficiency?

the curvature of the ball means the motors don’t have to be a full 6" apart. but if it still doesn’t fit then you can use a ramp to lift the ball above the motors. it’s definitely possible to have an x drive with proper ball clearances though.

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Because then the entry angle of the ball is reduced. That means you’re fighting less of the force of gravity when intaking and over time will be more efficient.

Ok thanks for clarifying.

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Here is what my team did to properly space out our X to allow for ball clearance:

  • geared our x, placing our motors further outwards for width
  • using 3.25" omnis to provide ball clearance *fix without rebuilding
  • Using a ramp to elevate the ball above the motors *fix without rebuilding
  • 30+ holes wide
  • placing the motors further back in the robot

Thanks so much for helping! :smiley:


This is a cad of an x-drive that is 14" wide and 14.5" long. The ball fits between everything except the motors themselves, which they can easily go over.


You could also extend the motors for the front two wheels so that they are not so forward, allowing you a much less-steep ramp.

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