X Drive Cad File

Hello! Does anybody have a basic X-Drive Cad File, or just a X-Drive they can share with me?

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@Jacob Walter just finished one a few minutes ago.
Maybe he could send it to you?

That would be awesome, I will try to contact him.

Thanks for the info.

Not a CAD file, but here’s a pretty simple one we had on our early bot.

Here is an X Drive with 2.75" omni wheels I tried to design in Autodesk Inventor some time in the past:

It does not include any screws or nuts.
This link has three pictures and a STP file.

Hopefully this helps someone.
Also, this is my first time sharing a CAD file, so please let me know if I did anything wrong.

I have attached a ZIP file of an X-Drive we built. You should be able unzip the folder and open the file titled “X-Drive Complete”. You will need Inventor 2016 to open the assembly file. Alternatively you can unzip the STEP version, which you should be able to import to most CAD programs.

We are FAR from experts with X-drives, and FAR from experts with Inventor. I’m sure this is riddled with mistakes.

X-Drive Complete (STEP).zip (6.94 MB)
X-Drive.zip (37.4 MB)

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Here’s a nice X-Drive that I didn’t know I had until today:

Very spacious.

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