X-Drive CAD Help

How can I make this X-Drive fit together:
As you can see on the top of the picture the holes align well but at the bottom the holes of the c-Channel don’t align with the angle gusset
thanks in advance


Unconstrain your wheel setups and shorten the C-channel by 1 hole. Then you can constrain the now shortened C-channel to the gusset.


Get rid of all the interior bearing blocks and move each wheel further apart. Unconstrain the wheel spacing and everything then constrain the C channel


what do you mean by unconstrain?

what CAD software are you using?

You could use cylinder joints between the axle and bearings on one side, and revolute joints on the other (alternativy slider and rigid joints would work, but then the wheels won’t spin), and then rigidly attach everything else together with joints or groups.

It’s just a matter of playing with the spacing to make it work


You have to find a way to line the holes up. Not every spacing will work since you are using angle gussets. I would recommend using slider constraints on the edges of your angles to ensure that whatever spacing of the chassis you’re doing, the holes always stay aligned.


Fusion 360
20 charss

ok thanks for the help

I still don’t understand

In the physical world, those holes might not line up. Adjusting the space to the right and left of the wheels image will change the length requirements of the beam you have highlighted. Try adjusting that wheel space until the beam length is correct so that the holes match.

OR - Assemble the highlighted side of the drivetrain separately. (That would be the highlighted C-channel, the 45-degree gussets, and the C-channels that the motors attach to) You should be able to freely move the parts around so that the holes line up. Now connect that piece to the other side, ensuring that the axel goes through both pieces. The space needed for the wheels will be predetermined for you.


Use slider joints on the red marks to make sure that the holes always line up. You will need to play with the spacing a bit to get it to work. image|468x500

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Thanks so much - I understand now
Thanks again!!!

How do I create a slider joint?

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When you go to create a joint, there is a dropdown where it usually says ‘rigid’. You can select ‘slider’ from that menu. If I had the software on my laptop, I’d send a screenshot but I’m hoping it should be relatively easy to find.

Oh, and happy cake day!

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Ok thanks for making it so clear! I’m gonna try this out within the next few days and see if it works.
Thanks for congratulating me as well :smiley:

Could you possibly link a file to this? I’ve been trying to create an X Drive on Fusion but it hasn’t turned out so great.

I still haven;t finished but if you ask me again in a few days then I might be able to link the file

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