X-Drive Chassis Help

So I’m building an X-Drive as a side-project and I want to know if the wheels need to be equally distanced from each other. I understand how it moves, but I don’t know how much the distance between the wheels will affect its function/performance. I’ve never built one before, so any bit helps. Thanks buds.
X-Drive Prototype.jpg

from my experience that shouldn’t cause any problems. One thing you may want to look out for is equal weight distribution. if you have a lot of weight in the back then it may do a lopsided swing instead of a linear strafe. just something to look out for

It’s fine but you’ll have less than ideal rotation.

Also be careful about the bracing between the inside and outside c channels as you would have significant twist and stress on the shafts without it.

We built a x-drive last year, but we built our chassis differently. Our instructor didn’t want us to use more metal than necessary, so we built the chassis in sections, like this (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9no9Nr_miZ2WFVxYXBzOG91eGs). We braced it in the middle to minimize chassis flex, while being able to not upset the weight distribution. We (especially with our first prototype) had to be mindful of how it swung around because of the weight in the back.

I think this could help you.