X-Drive Controller Set Up

well, here is the thing. i only really need something that can strafe sideways. i don’t need diagonal. i just need something that can easily reposition itself when scoring and descoring.

Well diagonal motion is just a combination of strafing and forward motion. Any drive that can strafe can move in any diagonal direction. Moving diagonally and rotating while moving to a point are some of the biggest advantages these drives have. Strafing directly left or right is nice but the real magic is when you start to combine lateral movement with forward/backward movement and turning.


Given that you’re already making the drive, it would be a shame if you didnt use it’s full potential, especially when it’s so easy to unlock

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sso which is easier to control as we know mec is easier to build? which has more directional power?

They are of equal difficulty to control (they’re effectively the same thing in practice), but mecanum has more directional power (when pushing forward at least) as the wheels are in line, generating more traction, where the x-drive’s wheels are not.

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so with this being said, mecanum is superior in the idea of easier deign, suport, mobility, and directional power.

I may have to get some mecs then.

Would you guys consider using a gyro on an x drive or mec?

maybe. it depends on the reliability of the bot

Using as many sensors that are not directly linked to the powered wheels are ideal. Since the powered wheels will have some slippage it is very difficult to use the integrated sensors. It is definitely possible but using a gyro would be good if nothing else.

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Why is it difficult to use the integrated sensors? Or do you mean that the integrated sensors give slightly less accurate data that a properly built tracking wheel?

In my mind, here are the levels of progression for Vex V5 programmers

  1. No autonomous
  2. Time based autonomous
  3. Motor encoder based autonomous, possibly adding the IMU
  4. Tracking wheels

While all levels benefit from high build quality, it is mandatory, IMO, to have high build quality for tracking wheels to be useful


I am specifically referring to using the integrated sensors for holonomic drives. Mech wheels have slippage when they strafe and x drives also slip because of the rollers on the wheels. By difficult I meant difficult to achieve a consistent motion. 1 revolution of a non powered wheel will always equate to a certain distance traveled while 1 revolution of a slipping powered wheel could equate to a different distance each time. Like I said it isn’t impossible but tracking wheels will help greatly especially when strafing.


Mecs strafe sideways rather slowly

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