X-Drive Distance Formula

My team will be using an X-Drive for our base this year, and it would help me a lot in programming auton to know how to calculate exactly how many rotations the wheels need to complete to travel a certain distance.

I know there are other topics on this, but with the formulas people show there, one rotation would make an X-Drive go further than one rotation of a standard drive. It seems logical to me that an X-Drive would need to do more rotations than a standard drive to go the same distance because the wheels being at 45 degree angles causes some motion to be canceled.

We aren’t using encoders, but we can get some if it is absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance!

on an x drive, you travel 1.41 times farther than you do on a tank drive with the same wheel size and rpm.

so the formula for the distance per revolution of the wheel would be:

(wheel diameter * pi) * 1.41

I know it seems intuitive that an x drive would be slower than a tank, but that isn’t the case. an X drive will go 1.41 times faster than a tank drive. If you’re curious why, you can probably find an explanation in one of those other topics. You can see a demonstration of the speed boost from an x drive in this video: