X drive Gusset Question

Hello. I was wondering what every one in highschool, and middle school are doing with the “new” gussets. I have used gussets in the past, but they recently re-designed them, so there is room for a screw to move around them(The holes are longer then normal holes). We are having a problem with this, because an X-Drive needs them to be equal. I have seen Lexan Gussets, But they are illegal, because we are a high school team.

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Reread the game manual please. Such a statement can be easily clarified if you would simply read the game manual.


I will change the post, as the gussets are not used for a mount for the license plate.

so they are not allowed.

if you were to re read the rules thoroughly, you would find that you are allowed a limited amount of non shattering plastic for any use.

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Please make a careful reading of rule R9 in the game manual (https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/VRC-SpinUp-GameManual-2.0.pdf). Note especially rule R9-g which differentiates between fabricating parts from plastic sheet (like polycarbonate or “lexan”) and 3d printed parts, which are allowed in VRC only for license plates.


gotcha. thank you!

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