X-drive mounting help

Hey everybody,
I built an x-drive frame last night but due to a lack of parts and conservation of metal, I have modified the traditional design. I’m having trouble mounting my intakes and roller assembly without mounting a horizontal brace in the front, or cantilever-ing my entire robot. Right now, I’m imagining using 90* brackets on the rear brace, combined with standoffs on the front to support the front half of my rollers. My intake could use a rebuild so I’m open to any suggestions on mounting it to an x drive.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture at the moment of the intake. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.image
P.S. I believe I have the wheels sufficiently supported, but any help for that would be great too. They roll well and have very little friction.

**Edit: I just saw what looks like a massive metal shaving on one of the motors. It’s actually part of an old decal from our sister team last year.

maybe you can double your channels like adding one more set after wheels like in the image.resim

this provides much more space in order to make your intake supported. also be aware of the fact that you have not to make assembled on chasis. you can make it also by mounting them onto the main body.


I would really suggest using another brace at the front, and more bracing in general. Metal conservation is good, but so is your robot not breaking in half.


You really need more bracing


You can’t have more of what you don’t have

gotta give him credit for that singular 2 x 35

What I would do is something like this:
(Sorry for the crude illustration)
It would use 3 wides on the insides for support, and you can mount intakes on those.
Edit1: forgot to mention that the downside to this is that you will have to move your motors out more because the middles limit space.


Yeah I agree with everyone else. I get that you don’t have a ton of metal, but if you want to attach an intake to the chassis, you need more bracing and you should double your channels. Otherwise, some of those 30 degree gussets are gonna bend. And your axles won’t be to happy either.

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While your internal area could use more bracing, the main issue being pointed out is that your wheels are cantilevered(only supported on one side). Cantilevered drives do not lend themselves to VRC very well due to the limited materials available. LS axles struggle to hold the weight of robots when cantilevered, and C channels don’t handle torsional force very well. Many of your structural issues would be solved if you doubled up the outer C-channels, supporting your drive wheels on both sides.


Agreed, axles need at least 2 points of connection especially with your wheels on the outside, The axles will get bent up.