X-Drive or H-Drive?

What are the benefits of an x-drive over h-drive?

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Anyway, an X drive in omnidirectional, and an H drive is simpler. It’s typically a 5 wheeled design. You have Omni wheels on the tank drive, and then an extra in the middle to strafe sideways.

H drives are a lot easier to code, and have a lot of the benefits of a tank drive, as well as an X drive.
An X drive, on the other hand, is harder to code, but is ultimately more powerful in terms of maneuverability. But it tends to require more torque, and therefore isn’t as fast as an H drive.

My opinion, at least for this game, is that an H drive would be adequate for strafing, unless you have some wicked driving skills that require all possible drirections to be open to movement, as well as rotation.

I personally like the H drive better for its simplicity, but I am not using either this season. ANd, with an H drive, you can “drift.”

Okay, I guess the two threads aren’t technically the same, but they’re similar enough I don’t think it’s worth having two threads. If you get discussion on one of them, it’ll answer both questions easily. Also: are there really not threads talking about this already? I thought that there would be. Huh.

Thanks, we are a new team and this is our first year. We don’t exactly know what were doing. I appreciate it.

You can drive in all possible directions with an “H-drive” (not a real H-drive, just called that here) just as with an X-drive, and they can both rotate. Those other directions are strafing while moving forward or backward. It won’t handle the same way an X-drive will handle, but it can move in any horizontal direction.

Maybe we have different views of an H drive. Mine are built literally like an H. Sure, you can still move omnidirectionally, but it takes some more difficult code and/or driving skills to do so.

That’s what we’re here for! Anytime! :slight_smile:

Because of my reference to real H-drives? Probably. But I knew that, which is why I specified it.

Yes, I understood that H. As I said, it won’t handle the same way. But driving diagonally isn’t so hard. I would put the normal part on an arcade style control, and the strafing wheel on the other stick. Push the strafing stick to one side or the other and drive forward or back with the tank part. The robot will move on a diagonal.

I don’t like arcade control much, so I put the strafing on both horizontal axes.
What is a “real” H drive? Is it not just tank drive but with an extra strafing wheel?

A nice place to get started is here:

Oh, okay. Not whet I really expected at all. thanks.