X drive problems with traction wheel

You are posting from an alt account, so if this is genuine post a picture of the robot.
Otherwise, well, you know what will be happening…


I do not physically have the robot but I did cad it. This cad is from before I had 12 wheels.render


Excellent Drive bro, dont let the haters get to you!


This looks a lot like my double reverse four thirds kiwi rocker bogie mecanum differential swerve drive, except without the swerve or bogie or double reverse 4 bar. That, in its current configuration, won’t move.


That’s a very nice render!

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Excellent render!

Here’s my solution (again, still giving the benefit of the doubt that this is not a troll):

Scrap that CAD, and make a new one. You’ll want to consult some sort of resource like this one, which will lay out some simpler drive designs that have been tried and tested. Then, using your CAD skills, try to make a drive more similar to one of those.


Thank you for understanding. It is sad to see that even the admins are suspicious of me being an alt. If there were more people on the forum like you, things would actually get done on this forum.

Oh, and speaking of a nice render, there’s members of the forum known for their renders. I wonder who you could be. :thinking:


now THIS is the type of bot i would have a team-breaking intimate relationship with.


it could use a few legs tbh.


Your friend was wrong

Nice render!

I agree with the other posts to start over, but if you have built this, then pull the small and large traction wheels off and just drive with the mechanums. You’ll see the issue with the way they are mounted and can use that as a learning experience.

Then replace them with omni wheels and see what that does. You won’t be pleased with the results, but it will be a good learning.

An FRC team (I want to say 148) built a combo mechanum / traction wheel drive base. They mounted the wheels on a rocker assembly with one of each wheel type on ends of the rocker. In one position it was all traction in the air, the other was traction down. This gave the ability to swap wheel types on the fly. Very cool and very complicated.

Good luck!


Ok, google is your friend, search term is FRC robot octocanum drive. A ton of pictures, etc. The link below lists pros, cons, actual user experience, a CAD rendering and a video of the drive in action. Remember that FRC bots are about 24 x 36 as you look at the render and video.

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To be honest with you it seems overly complicated and very unnecessary. if you are competing in actual competitions then this drive will no be advantageous. You are left with 2 motors to do any other task required(which if you have they figured out than great!). the drive as you mentioned will not strafe. To fix the strafe issue i would rebuild the base into an Mecanum drive(since you have mecanum wheels). this type of drive will allow you to strafe and prevent you from being pushed sideways easily. it also gives you a square base which is easier to build off of and work with. The square base will also allow you to sandwich your wheels which adds strength and keeps the wheels from doing like this Uploading: image.png…image You can also gear up a mecanum drive easily to attain higher speeds.

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take out all traction wheels, add supports to your cross which the wheels are mounted to, and switch the meccannums to omnis.


He is most definitely a troll. Check out his post history.

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Funny thing, he must have been wrong in 3/19 too! This guy made a similar thread back then and just didn’t call it an xdrive. He said he was making a drive with 3 wheel types. I think someone should just leave a tank drive tutorial here and then we should all knock the crap off and have the thread closed. Dash7421 already said this stuff. This thread isn’t productive even if genuine because this kid could just use the search bar and find better help.

Please lock.


You are correct. I have been trying to find the solution for around a year now.

Buy a clawbot kit even and you’ll have better results. Nobody who can actually use CAD of all things actually needs help with this though :joy:

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Fusion 360 is not what I’d call the beginning place for most robotics teams.

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