X drive problems

I have built my x drive and I have 2 problems.

1: When I rotate my controller, there are click noises in the motor.

  1. I am unable to move and rotate at the same time
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Pictures and code would really help here. Otherwise we are just guessing.


probably issues with both your build and your code it sounds. pictures of the drive and posting the code would be helpful.


If it is coming from the motor, my guess would be bad cartridge.

This is definitely something with your code and how you have your controller set up.


i will send pictures in a bit.
how would the code supposed to look if i wanted moving and rotating at the same time?

If you send us what you have we can tell you what is wrong. You could be very close with just one or two simple mistakes. Plus there could also be a problem outside of what we may provide which would lead so some confusion.


SHOUTOUT TO @Cadaver_42 for helping me!!!

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We had the same problem with our X-Drive. What we did to fix it was we just replaced the cartridge. Once we did the click was gone.

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