X-Drive Tips

My team is trying to build an X-drive, but we’re struggling with getting the spacing correct. We always have something misaligned by half a hole and it’s really inconvenient. Looking for any tips on how to build an x-drive with high build quality. Currently, we don’t have the equipment to make custom angle gussets, so mainly advice on how to ensure that all holes line up. Thank you!

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I would search the forum for this topic, as it has been addressed before.

If that does not answer your question, search on YouTube for some tutorials.
If you don’t find that satisfactory, specify what about those tutorials did you not like so people can directly address what you want.

I did read this forum post carefully, and I just edited my initial post (I should’ve made the edit earlier). So we can’t make custom gussets right now, and we also made a CAD of an X-drive to line everything up. However, when we build, the holes don’t exactly line up. We don’t want to hole-count another bot, but we did look at the reveals carefully and we can’t tell what we’re doing wrong. Basically, we understand the basic concept of an X-drive (attach the wheels with 45 degree gussets, the 2 “rings” of wheelbase add structural support, stuff like that) we just can’t execute properly.


Are you talking about the outer and inner sections of the X-Drive?

Yeah, whenever we build, the holes between the outer and inner section don’t line up so we can’t really attach anything

Though I have not built an X-Drive before, I would think that attaching standoffs (on the corners of the drive) between the two sections would ensure that it would align in that section, then experiment with inner lengths to ensure that the other parts align.

Ok, thank you for your advice, we will try that. Thanks!

Note that they originally stated they are unable to create a custom gusset

X Drive diagram

If you use a 3.5" long piece for the corner segments, you will end up with a close approximation of a multiple of 0.5" for the width (The line drawn across the middle of the base has a length of 8.4497"). You also need to ensure that both the inner and outer parts of your base are of the same length.


Oh wow thank you for that!

No problem!
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If you are having troubles with the vex gusset and can’t make your own, you could try this design by team 81K:

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You can drill holes in the metal to get it to work; assuming everything else is lined up and centered, all the distances will be right.

what softwear do you use to make this image? hope to get an anwser from you lol

AutoCAD. Not Inventor or Fusion, the og. You can do this in both of those though too through sketches.

thanks! I’m an Inventor user,seems like I should get an auto cad now

It’s good for first drafts imo. It’s available for free with a student license

I spent some time this year designing an x-drive in Fusion 360 to make sure everything lines up perfectly, and I’m pretty happy with the result. It is quite strong, and a change up ball fits in between the motors in the front. Here are some pictures of my design


This is actually really nice. Love the use of standoffs to make braces to maintain the frames stiffness. I assume you used the shaft collars to make the right angles there? Did you tap them to be 8-32 as opposed to 6-32?

Just wondering, is there a reasoning behind not having like an c-channel on the outer sides of the bot?