X-Drive Traybot

My team currently has an x-drive base and plan to put a tray on it. The x-drive is 35 holes by 35 holes. I am wondering if there is any issues with a base being too wide or long on a traybot? Will it still be able to fit 3 stacks in the scoring zone or should i make it slimmer?

the width could be an issue, as could be the length. I personally run a 25 x 25 hole tray. It could work, but it will be hard.
Issues you could encounter:

  • difficulty getting far enough into the scoring zone
  • difficulty fitting everything within 18 x 18 x 18

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Personally I would switch to a smaller drive, you might be able to get away with 30 holes wide as long as your corners are angled.

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@Gameoa used a drive of this size with a tray, intake, & Dr4B, I would talk to him. However, the current designs on his youtube channel have a lot of flaws explained to me by him. Keep in mind that you could run with your current chassis, but it would be easier to build on a smaller chassis.

yes, angled corners would be a big help as well.

you can probably make it go into the far corner, but you may have to make the tray very close to the front of your robot which may cause other problems depending on how your rollers are positioned, what angle your tray is at, and how long your tray is/how many cubes you want to stack.

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A tray design similar to this could work. It is made by @Gameoa.

I think I will try to do something like the video you sent. Thanks a lot for the help!

your welcome, however, maybe pm the guy I mentioned and ask him for tips. He could point out a whole bunch of issues with the pictured design.

You would likely want to make it smaller so it is easier to put stuff in the goals.

The most you can fit in the scoring zone is 2, not 3.

Our traybot base is 28 holes by 30 holes at it’s widest. We recently had to shorten the base to this length because it was extremely difficult to fit into the corners or the scoring zones and make stacks. Our corners are angled as well which helps with getting into corners.
Hope this helps!

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