X-drives parking

So my team has been discussing new drives for worlds. We don’t have a ton of time to test different ones. We want Mobility and also stability. We don’t want to be pushed. We took mecanum out of consideration because of its poor performance overall. Right now we are discussing Omni wheels because of its turning ability. But we still want to move side to side. So a combination of turning and side to side mobility would be a holonomic x-drive. The only problem is parking. Has anyone had any luck with parking on platforms with the angled wheels? I just haven’t seen any teams like this.

I have seen teams be able to park from the corner of the alliance platform fairly well with an x-drive, but they seem to struggle climbing the center platform, as they aren’t great at climbing head on.

If you want some examples check out 675c’s YouTube channel they made a X drive that can climb platform

X-drives really eat into the space for an intake. Plus, the diagonal wheels are a challenge for climbing the platform. We used an x-drive in a past year and found driving straight in autonomous to be a challenge. Other than that, x-drives are great (sarcasm)


Who says mecanums aren’t good? If I had qualified, then that was what I planned on switching to.

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I’ve thought that with the V5 and more powerful motors, mechanism wheels might be a more of a consideration. There are the benefits of the x-drive without the drawbacks.

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