XBOX Controller Setup with V5

I am attempting to learn programming for VEXcode and forgot to grab the controller from our lab. My only option, if any, is to use an XBOX controller. If any of you gamers are smart enough to help me out, much appreciated.

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This isn’t possible without a significant amount of software and electrical work.

In the mean time, try to program the robot to be autonomous; you can learn plenty from that.

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You are able to program your controller without a physical controller. Write up the program now, then download and test next time you see the bot.

already did, just tryna see if my macros work.

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You can replace the button press sensing bools in your if statements with limit switch press sensing bools. It should work the same as actually using the controller button.


^ probably your best option. Do you have any limit or bumb switches?

no, just a bot, nothing to build/ add.

Do you use Pros or Vex code or something else?

I use html and css, works great so far

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For the robot?
Html and CS are for web design, not robots.


Uhhhh don’t think that’s possible…
I would recommend @prathusa’s method of just using a bumper or limit switch to trigger your macros. If you really need to have some distance between you and the bot either use a meter stick or a lot of 3wire extensions.