Xbox Joystick

While going through the RobotC wiki, I stumbled upon this page:

It claims that:

Has anyone played with this yet? Any ideas on how to set it up?

Does it use the VexNET keys or do we need additional hardware for the cortex?

I would be very interested in the results anyone has gotten using other controllers. My PS3 controller holds a much better charge than the Rechargeable AAA batteries we use for the Joysticks.

I have no idea how Partner Cables or Programming Cables would work, though, even if someone could get whatever they want to connect to the Cortex.

This is for a joystick plugged into the PC using built in drivers as far as I know, a Logitech joystick was always able to be used, I think they have just upgraded from DirectX-8 to DirectX-9 or something like that. The question is which 3.61, I don’t see it in the 3.61 beta that had the PID firmware, perhaps it’s a new 3.61, version numbers got a bit messed up recently it seems.

Would it be competition legal to leave a vex joystick plugged in to a computer and then wirelessly control the robot using some other joystick which in turn is also connected to the computer?

Seems like this doesn’t break any rules as the robot is built using vex only parts and only VEXnet is used for communication by the robot

I think it’s illegal, however, the partner port is a grey area. I think that’s fair game, at least for VexU, and is why I did the PS3 joystick interface, there’s no reason why any USB (or bluetooth) joystick could not be interfaced that way.

Uh, can I get a link to how you did that? I’m intrigued.