XD Rank 1 VEXU Skills Robot Reveal

VEXU team XD from Tauranga, New Zealand, is proud to present our skills robot, Disparity by Design.

For those who may not know, VEXU primarily differs from VRC in that teams are allowed to build more than one robot, teams have a 24” size limit, and various additional components such as custom electronics and 3D printed parts are allowed.

Disparity by Design is a purpose-built skills robot, built with the primary goal of qualifying us for the VEXU World Championships through the global skills rankings. We will be taking it to worlds to compete in the skills challenges.

We will avoid answering technical questions in this thread (eg. motor distribution, gear ratios etc.) as to not encourage potential copies, however we will be releasing our design summary notebook after the World Championship which details both this robot, and our other robot designed for match play, Endgame. If you have a non-technical question about this robot then please feel free to ask.

That is probably the most unique bot I’ve seen all season. I think it’s name is quite fitting

New Zealand never fails to deliver. Knew when i didn’t see AURA on the team list this year for VexU I took great notice of you guys, great work.

zzz. Cant wait for Endgame XD

Why did you decide to go for cone stacks off the loading station instead of the floor

I would say it has to do with the fact you have to pivot further to get cones off the ground. And the loader has a line making lineup much easier :slight_smile:

In VexU you dont need many cones per mogo to win the match so 12 was probably enough for them. A team like this is going to dominate in auto because is 60 seconds rather than 15.

This is a skills bot though? You cant “win the match” XD

Definitely the caliber of robot I would expect from the members of XD. You’ve set the bar extremely high once again, congrats. Can’t wait to see Endgame.

I meant in General many teams wont be stacking a lot in VexU, I believe they’ll use this for actual competition too besides skills.

I actually they are only using it for skills. For matches they have a completely separate robot called endgame

Oh i see thanks for the clarification.

Super Impressive!

Absolutely amazing. So many innovations, great design, and flawless execution.

This is awesome. Well done. After worlds will you be releasing a video for your other robot, Endgame?

Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Possibly, although only if it’s successful.

We get 45 seconds.

Why is your programming skills score so low? Even a HS bot can keep up XD

Well actually the run in the video is 104pts, whereas the maximum high school score is 102. Try again Wingus and/or Dingus and/or Wingo and/or Dingo.

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Apply cold water to area of burn

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