Y Cable Problem Programming

We are trying to use twelve motors this year, so we have to use y cables. The motors were working in the ports but once we try to plug the y cables in to the motors nothing happens. We don’t know if there is something extra we have to program. This is are code please take a look.
Batman.c (3.59 KB)

Could you post a picture of your wire setup if possible?

Just flip the polarity over. The yellow/white wire on the y cable should match up with the yellow/white wire on whatever you’re connecting it to. Otherwise it won’t work.

I tried flipping the wires, didn’t work, my wires go from the 393 2-wire motors into a motor controller into the y cable then to the cortex, and its the same for the other motor connected to the same y cable. The other two motors on another y cable are the same except that y cable goes into a power expander then from that to the cortex. It has to be a wire problem.

Share a picture of the cabling. It will help solve this problem quicker.

The only thing I can think of is a short some place or the Cortex port does not work correctly.

So is the port or motor itself not working correctly? Try plugging one of those motors in the port on the cortex to rule out the port not working right. If one of the 2-3 wire connector/motor combo works, the Y-Cable should work. Try the other motor and 2-3 wire h-bridge connector too.

Then try one motor in the Y-cable, and then the other motor, then both together.

Is there any damage to the Y cable making the PWM signal flaky?

Your code looks fine, I would say its either incorrect polarity or you have a damaged Y cable (or your cortex is broken). A good thing to do is to go over all your cables and check for any sign of damage. If your cables are damaged, replace / repair (keeping in mind the rules) the cables ASAP, you can run the risk of damaging your components if the wires are for instance, shorting.

I flipped a lot of things around and focused on getting the red and black wires together on all wires and it started working so thanks to all of you. I was trying to use a motor controller for all motors and that is what was messing it up. From the cortex I then went to a motor controller then to a y cable then to the motors and I kept all the red and black wires together at each connection. Thanks again

Ok good. Glad to see it fixed. Some Y-cables are keyed wrong and then that messes things up with the polarity.