Y cable problems

So, I have my mobile goal lift using 2 motors and decided that I want it controlled by one port, to avoid using a power expander.For some reason only one motor runs while they are plugged into it. The motors aren’t broken. The tournament is tommorow. What do you guys think is wrong?

Are you sure the motors are functional? Test them individually, if they are indeed functional. Then it is almost definitely a damaged y splitter. A y splitter puts the two motors in parallel so if only one motor works, it has to be a damaged y splitter. Best of luck.

The y cable is new, do you think it could be a bad motor encoder?

No, the y-splitter gives both motors the same amount of power. An encoder error would result in both motors malfunctioning. Try swapping the two motors on the y splitter. Does the working and “dead” motors swap roles? If so, that would confirm a broken y splitter

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@Manitha An issue with a motor controller may not necessarily cause a malfunction in both motors; in most cases such issues only affect the motor attached to the broken controller.

@Nathan Webb Use process of elimination:
If you change the motor controller to the non-functioning motor, does proper operation result?
If not, does changing the Y-cable result in proper operation?

my bad, i thought he was referring to IME’s, but yes, a bad motor controller would cause that specific motor to fail.