Y cable + speaker

So I found out today that when you plug a sensor y cable into the sp port and plug 2 speakers into the ends of the y cable that they both play identical music, is this legal if the chosen audio is not distracting and of good taste?

iii. If using the VEX speaker (Part #276-1504), the chosen audio must not be distracting and must be in good taste. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on the appropriateness of the audio.

Second question, can more speakers than two be put on a robot by attaching y-cables onto y cables? This is clearly illegal in the case of motors but not mentioned for speakers

R12> A maximum of one (1) VEX Y-cable can be used per Motor Port of the Microcontroller or Power Expander. (You cannot “Y off a Y” to have more than two (2) motors controlled by the same Motor Port.)
a. Teams using the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller can only power one (1) 2-wire Motor per each of the two 2-wire motor ports on the Microcontroller. It is illegal to “Y” off a 2- wire Motor Port.
b. Teams may not “Y” off a Motor Controller 29

As a side note I have not done more than the preliminary testing and I am sorry if this is a waste of time and a sensor y cable is insufficient to control the speakers.

Hello OverlyOptimisticProgramer,

These appear to be questions regarding the legality of VEX Speaker Modules for use in the VEX Robotics Competition. Please ask in the Official Nothing But Net Q&A channel, so an official ruling can be determined.