Just had a few questions about Y-splitters.

  1. Do they halve the power to the split motors?
  2. Do they both run in the same direction when you power the port that the Y is plugged in to?
  3. How do you configure the motors in the code?



Not really… The Vex V.5 Controller has a 4 AMP Power Limit, each Motor has a 1 AMP Power Limit. The PWM Cable and Splitter will deliver more Power than either Motor can Draw. If both the Motors together Draw enough power to go over the 4 Amp Limit of the Vex Controller, you will loose ALL Power, not just power to the Two Motors on the Splitter.

Yes, they operate identically, because they get the Same Battery Voltage, and the Same PWM Signal.

Just like you would for a Single Motor, just realize that both Motors will basically be running the Same Speed and the Same Direction. Note that because of Manufacturing Differences, the Motors might be slightly different Speeds, but for the most part, they will be quite close.

The bottom line is, the Y Cable lets you setup Two Motors, running the Same Speed and Direction, without taking up Two Motor Ports. Vex Competition Rules allow for Two Y Cables per Vex Controller.

Your Welcome…

Mark, Quick bit of clarification

I was under the impression the 1AMP power limit was per motor port than per Motor?

I thought that at one time too, but was corrected in this post, Using Higher voltage for a Vex Motor Controller which referees back to this post, “Y” Cables?.

Also these posts, “Y” Cables and PWM Outputs Notes the Vex Controller Limit of 4 Amps, not a Per Port Limit. Each Motor and Servo has its own Over Amperage Protection, of 1 Amp, but that is irregardless of the Motor Port.

Thanks again! Answered my questions well.

are you sure about that?
or is it as many as you want but NONE in series
(cant “y” off a “y”)

because the inspector at our last competition also said that but on the checklist, it said that none in series
(just double checking)

It’s no more than one per motor port. The two-total rule was for pre- Clean Sweep games.

Well, the Rules for Clean Sweep (and basically the Previous Games) say:

So, yes you could have a splitter on every motor port, but you can only connect Two Motors to Two of the Y-Splitters, for a total of 10 Motors/Servos. Thus effectively you can only use Two Y-Splitters…

Right but college teams are allowed up to 12 motors/servos, thus four Y-splitters are actually needed. This’ll get fixed when the high-strength motors come out.

I dono, just my two cents.

BTW, when using the Y-cables, connect the motors with their contacts reversed to those of the actual Y-cable. Or, look at the three wires and match the blacks together.