Y style base!?

Hello… My builder was thinking if you powered the front two wheels but only have one wheel in the back in the middle that is powered but that wheel can move and turn 360 degrees. Like a Y shape base… Does that make sense and will that work. He said like what fork lifts have. It seems interesting and very cool for another base to test.

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I believe what you might be looking for is a “Kiwi” drive. This incorporates 3 powered wheels with the one in the back being horizontal in order to offer turning.


This is what I thought he was referring to initially as well, but I think he means a 3 wheeled robot with a center-back mounted “swerve” wheel for the dedicated task of power delivery and turning.


Two front powered wheels and then a back wheel that spins around. Its weird but it might be cool

I’ll try to grab a picture but we have a robot with two wheels on the front. Then there is three wheels across the back, for a total of 5. It works very well, the key thing is the new sensor to keep it moving in a direct straight line.

One wheel makes it like Mr Bean’s car a very tippy affair.

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lol true. Be we were thinking on a back wheel that does 360 turns and stuff. He wants to do that if we get to worlds. I dont think it will work well though.

Probably dont want to do this! Why? Well when you are going to worlds and even at state your going to experience getting hit and at worlds there will be heavy defense and with that bot you could be pushed over and wont have much control over your movement to fight a bot with 4 motors all aligned for power. (Square base)

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Yeah. His mind wonders like a cat hearing a loud sound. Its cool though to try out but not on a worlds scale

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Lol, not for the competition - one “friendly” tap from the opposing alliance robot and your amazingly tall tray bot becomes an amazing wallbot.

But outside of competition the looks of some of those 3 wheelers are awesome:

1938 Dymaxion



Please, tell your builder to make one of those and post the pictures back here.


How would you get the back wheel that spins freely to be powered? If it spins freely then what would your motor be attached to?

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It’s just a swerve module in the back which can be made with two motors and gearing that works well in frc but not so well in vex

Two front wheels powered, and the back freespins and can pivot. Kinda like the NXT mindstorms bot :slight_smile:

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It would be cool though. And just fun to build but not for worlds

I thought @RNA wanted the back wheel to be powered.

Here you go, STEMRobotics demo robots for sensors Dr Evil and Mini Me.


Three motor drive, two front, one rear.

Good luck @RNA with your build.


Do I spy a beta V5 system?

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That looks cool.
We might just test it to see if it could be used in any future games

… yes you do! Even though they are beta, they are still working to inspire roboteers…

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Interestingly, I have never heard of a beta brain succumbing to ESD.

Because they are not competition legal and rarely run on the field where the static buildup is most common.

Also, there are less beta units in the wild to get “lucky” and run into those pesky electrons.