Yellow Cap Removed

With the new rule change removing the elevation cap would it be possible to make a custom built cap out of metal or something like that, that would be mounted on the climb that can be placed around the top and around the pole to kind of hug it. Do you think this would be eligible? I don’t see any rules that state otherwise.

Nothing in the game manual prevents you from dropping a hook down the top of the elevation bar. I think they removed the cap to encourage more people to make high climbers as it could be simpler than a clamp.

Hope this helps.:slight_smile:


If I’m being honest, I think the reason VEX did that was to make it easier to hang on the bar by using the top to pull your robot up!


Does anyone know any specific designs that could work with the idea of putting a piece of your robot inside the long elevation bar and pulling yourself up?

now it can be like starstruck again :slight_smile:

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there you go - one trick pony for one of my MS teams that advanced them to Worlds that season. Consistency matters with an endgame point bonus that made it worth it.


A team at my school has a design that utilizes this. They have a hook that goes in the top and the rest of their robot is pulled up by it. It is amazing to watch and it shocked everyone when they first did it. I’m not going to give more detail because they spent a lot of time on it and it gives them a big advantage, and it’s not my information to share. The team is 2654P (Pronounce This).

This was mine, back when I had time to actually build (and CAD) robots.


I think that most teams wouldn’t make such bulky robots like starstruck, as I think the hang would just matter the less but it is important to get some kind of hang. If teams could get a low-profile hang and do as starstruck, I would go for it.