Yellow Dispenser slipping with just a touch

My team has 3 fields at each of our houses. This issue is that every field’s yellow dispenser falls out with just a touch. Is there anyway to fix this.

Hey, can you

  1. say more about what you mean by “falls out”.
  2. Sho pictures of the slide assembly - I had one at our last event that was a “soft trigger”, it turned out the slide block was no longer attached.

Here are pictures, and also here is a video with my robot on what I mean.

The way it wobbles at the end of the video and the pictures from the top make me assume that the gray slides are not attached to the frame.

Check your build instructions.

What do you mean by the gray slides. Also I checked the build instructions and my yellow and nothing seems to be misplaced.

If you look at this picture you can see the gray block supporting the yellow runners. There is a set on both sides. I think you are missing a pin or it’s out of place.

My best guess, post when you figure it o


I made sure the gray block was in place. I even added a double caped pin and it still does it.

I assume you don’t have replacement pieces. One option you can try flipping the gray track holding piece 180 degrees. I think this track loosens over time because the shape of the track starts for form the perfect shape of the track holder. By flipping the track holder 180 degrees, the shape of the track is no longer a perfect match again, and this might add some friction back into the system making it less smooth. It’s an easy thing to try.

I hope that helps.