Yellow screw tops allowed?

Okay, so me and my team are thinking about painting our screw caps different colors for this year’s game and so we want to know if yellow screw caps are allowed because we’d hate to get to a competition and have them be illegal. We know the colors red, blue, and green are not allowed but what about the color yellow?

What part of the game manual do you believe prohibits painting of screws, or other structure? Or does the Game Manual restricts specific decorations?

Also, how do you know red, blue, and green are not allowed? What specific rule prohibits or limits it?

Cite the rule and we can give feedback


And where did you find this “rule”?


Check this out.


d. Decorations that visually mimic Field Elements, or could otherwise interfere with an opponent’s Vision Sensor, are considered functional and are not permitted. The Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given decoration or mechanism violates this rule.

We thought if we used any type of color that was being used on the field or was an alliance color it would count as a rule violation

What would a color screw head mimic a field element? A tri-ball? A elevation tube horizontal? Vertical? Goal area? match load?

As Grant Cox cautioned us all, don’t over think it!


I do think it is great you are thinking about these issues early on! Your clarifying points are most helpful!

Real world scenario - we had a team use vision sensor to detect blue blobs of baskets, only to find themselves shooting at gym walls (which had blue mats). They tuned their implementation. Do note, if you are purposefully using color to trip vision sensors, maybe there is an issue there, as the function is to confuse vision sensor.

Here is the screenshot of the rule for screws. If you view the link that @jpearman posted, you can see that these are legal sizes for screws.

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