Yep, totally within the 18x18x18

Is it legal to use two cortxes?

No its not because that would give you more motor ports. If you just want to split up your motors onto a separate battery, try a power expander.

If we don’t have 2 cortexes how can the 4 people on our drive team have a controller?

I think that you can have two cortexes. You just have to solder it to the main one.

Are you talking about for a competition or just for fun? Two cortex’s at a competition is never allowed

I’m confused. What exactly is your question? You can only use 2 controllers and have 3 drive team members. 2 drivers with one controller each and 1 coach.

I would assume that because the post is titled “Yep, totally within the 18x18x18” I would assume it’s for fun or a joke.

Super glue could work too :slight_smile:

I also can’t tell if this s a legit question or not, here are the rules anyway.

Of course, I thought that was a given.

I know that more than one cortex is illegal, our season is over so we’re just having fun. We’ve also had a battle to show which is better, a catapult is a trebuchet, I’ve got the video on my phone.

Remember that if you want it to be competition legal, you’ll have to use a bootlegged version of RobotC and use an aerosol grease on the inside of the cortexes to help them run faster.

Na, I’m from Indiana, I use PROS, but good tip on the aerosol grease.